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Summer school participants 2019

Project description


PROTEUS is a multinational and interdisciplinary course in the law and politics of the European Union, using a simulation exercise carried out by way of a cooperation of different partner institutions. The objective of the course is on the one hand to enable students to acquire an additional qualification in the law and politics of the European Union. On the other hand, it is a chance to experience new methods of teaching and to promote the students' ability to work and communicate in multi-national teams.

The additional qualification will be confirmed by a graded Certificate of European Studies issued by the Jean Monnet Professors Stephan Hobe and Wolfgang Wessels after the successful completion of the necessary exams and seminar papers. This certificate aims to promote the participants' chances for future EU-related applications or the choice of a career within European or international organisations.

PROTEUS runs over one semester. The students from Cologne have to attend certain lectures and seminars in European Law and European Politics before participating in the key part of the programme: a joint seminar with students from other international partner institutions.

This joint seminar will be held in English either as a simulation of an international conference such as of the European Council or as a moot court simulating a trial before the European Court of Justice. Each participant will assume a specific role, representing member States, European institutions or other parties. Thus, students will be able to simulate real-life political/legal issues in English while working in a mixed Team.

This year the Excursion to Brussels will take place from 27th to 30th May 2024.