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The post-2020 EU budget and democratic norm violations: a European Council simulation game


Project description


In 2018 students from the University of Cologne (Germany), Sciences Po and la Sorbonne Paris (France), Charles Unviersity Prague (Czech Republic) as well as the Turkish-German University, Istanbul (Turkey) spent 5 days in Brussels visiting different EU institutions, NGOs and conferences. These three exciting days were followed by a two-day simulation exercise of the European Council. The summer school took place in Brussels, 4th - 8th June 2018. The students were assigned different teams (different Member States of the EU, European Commission, Presidency of the European Council etc.) and had to prepare their position on the topics discussed during the simulation game. This interdisciplinary and international event brought together advanced students and gave them the opportunity to perform a specific role in a simulation of negotiations within a European Council summit on the challenges of recent post-2020 EU budget discussions in light of democratic norm violation in European member states and candidate countries.

Final Report PROTEUS 2018

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  • PROTEUS 2018 participants