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The EU´s Strategic Agenda

Setting the path for the legislative term 2024-2029


Accompanying each legislative cycle of the European Parliament and the European Commission, the Heads of State or Government in the European Council agree on a set of priorities that the EU should address within its policy-making capabilities. The discussion process is led by the President of the European Council, who also facilitates debates and compromise. The process of forging the next strategic agenda is complex and requires several meetings at informal meetings, leaders’ exchanges, and European Council summits. As the European Council decisions are made under unanimity, the words in the final document can be seen as carefully crafted compromises or the largest common denominator under heterogeneous national policy preferences. Therefore, some formulations may seem fuzzy and vague. However, the document symbolizes a common virtue of the European Union formulated by the masters of the treaties. Thereby, the European leaders fulfil their task given to them by the treaties (Art. 15 (1) TEU) by providing guidance and direction to the integration process and political initiatives. The policy preferences and directions then need to be brought to life by the institutions of the legislative procedures: Commission, Parliament, and Council. Yet, the strategic agenda is a document in the context of the challenges and crises of its making, and is often supplemented by clarifications, additions, and corrections formulated in the European Council conclusions.